#CISPABlackout lead by Anonymous

Anonymous has taken the initiative of becoming something I can only describe as being the voice of freedom for the online community. In todays society corruption and propaganda has taken control of the television airways. The same cannot be said for the media we are able to view through the Internet. The Internet as a tool is best used to spread knowledge, and with the increasing knowledge gained by the Internet’s users it pushes for more unity and more creativity. Some of the ways that Anonymous has been able to remain very prevalent as the voice of the online community, is by hacking into systems of companies and governments who have violated rights of citizens and humans. One of their most recent hacks were against the countries Israel and North Korea. These cyber hacks are not causing anyone to be held at gun point or shoot outs against special forces for the perpetrator of the hack, but it is a very effective way of standing up against governments and companies that seek to put their priorities first instead of the people that they serve. These attacks are done to speak for the voice that cannot be heard, because of the flawed system of our news media outlets. Anonymous also made a great stand, in pushing the Occupy Wall Street movement, that made everyday citizens more aware of the corruption in our economy with big business companies. The Occupy Wall street movement was something that gave normal citizens confidence to speak out and be heard. What is very remarkable about the Anonymous online community is that it goes beyond being an online voice for the United States, but also other international countries that have become established with increased Internet networking communication skills. The name Anonymous for the group seems parallel to what is the strategy and strength of it members. Our cyberspace information has become just as sacred as our everyday right to privacy. The CISPA bill proposed will take away our right to freedom in the eyes of the Anonymous community, and that is why they have taken the initiative of having websites blackout their pages in protest against the bill. The capabilities of Anonymous are endless because they use the Internet very effectively and as long as they keep spreading the truth that needs to be heard from the public they will continue to grow and gain support, maybe not initial membership, but basic ideas that lead to the greater good of all mankind.


James Lyne – Threat Landscape – Sophos – Italy 2012 Keynote

In this speech for Sophos in Italy, James Lyne discusses the threats of malware that Internet users come to face while surfing the web. Lyne also describes the potential problems mobile devices could also face as they become more popular with users. There are many Internet users, but many people do not know the basics on how to stay safe away from malware that can corrupt their data and their computer. People need to be more aware of their data as if it were private information or as physical elements of great value. James Lyne focuses on cyber crime that tends to target everyday Internet users and small businesses. Note that the Internet is a very powerful tool that some groups will use its capabilities to inform and support progressive movements that seek to benefit the rights of humans like the ones promoted by Anonymous, and others will use it to seek personal gain at the price of others with criminal intentions and tactics. James Lyne’s job as a professional cyber security specialist is the step needed to combat the problems faced within cyberspace. I say we hire cyber specialist and hackers to combat online criminals, instead of passing CISPA.