Cyber war, this is not

Jonathan Gossels, the president and CEO of SystemExperts, weighs in on the threat of cyber warfare. 


James Lyne – Threat Landscape – Sophos – Italy 2012 Keynote

In this speech for Sophos in Italy, James Lyne discusses the threats of malware that Internet users come to face while surfing the web. Lyne also describes the potential problems mobile devices could also face as they become more popular with users. There are many Internet users, but many people do not know the basics on how to stay safe away from malware that can corrupt their data and their computer. People need to be more aware of their data as if it were private information or as physical elements of great value. James Lyne focuses on cyber crime that tends to target everyday Internet users and small businesses. Note that the Internet is a very powerful tool that some groups will use its capabilities to inform and support progressive movements that seek to benefit the rights of humans like the ones promoted by Anonymous, and others will use it to seek personal gain at the price of others with criminal intentions and tactics. James Lyne’s job as a professional cyber security specialist is the step needed to combat the problems faced within cyberspace. I say we hire cyber specialist and hackers to combat online criminals, instead of passing CISPA.

New Innovation, Brings New Threats

As we continue to progress into becoming more involved and reliant on the internet, our privacy will continue to diminish. Now what we need to be aware of, is that as we move to becoming digitally dependent are the threats of cyber warfare and cyber security. James Lyne is a specialist in cyber security and has taken the initiative by discussing problems that we could soon face. Follow the link below to get a reference and idea of the perspective James Lyne has taken on the subject.